Digital impact on talent development strategies

Digital impact on talent development strategies

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One of the most significant aspects of a business sphere is the engagement and development of employees. It’s not possible to run a business without inspired, enthusiastic and motivated workers, who are passionate about what they are doing!

According to 2021 research done by Gallup Inc. company, only 36% of employees are engaged at work in the US and 20% of employees are engaged at work, globally. In this fast-growing world, the solution to the problem can be found in technologies. The managers of the company are responsible for creating favorable workplace environment by improving the interaction between employees and employers through effective tools.

There are some effective tools worth using. We will cover some of them in this blog and suggest ways to improve employee engagement, management and development.

Tools for collaboration

Effective internal communication is vital for team collaboration and proper documentation. Creating a resource where your employees can easily have access and find all the necessary information is one of the most important ways to develop and sustain employee engagement. It will help your projects to run smoother as you will have the opportunity to manage team projects, upload files and share them with your employees with the help of cloud-based sharing tools. Here are some of the tools to help develop effective communication inside a team: Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, Trello, Box, SugarSync, etc.

Slack is a platform for business communication. It is used by most companies because of its easiness and effectiveness. You can create various group chats on different events and topics both public and private including direct messaging.

You may know Dropbox. It is an information-sharing system tool that makes file sharing process easy. It has the latest collaboration, access and sync features allowing to access data from any device anywhere connected to the internet. Google Drive is especially useful for file storage. It allows users to work simultaneously on the same document, provide comments and chat.

Asana is another great application tool for tracking and managing work. It is considered effective both for the manager and workers. Managers assign and track the tasks, while employees know exactly what they need to do, when they need to complete and can ask any questions at any time.

Trello is a free, flexible web-based project management application for effectively managing projects. These tools simplify communication and bring team members together to a platform where your people can have conversations, create tasks, as well as stay updated with progress on projects and internal events.

Actionable and timely feedback

It’s no secret that positive feedback results in employee confidence. It creates a feeling of appreciation and they become even more motivated. Offering frequent break improves employee development. Due to technological opportunities, employees can easily receive feedback from top management. There is such a tool called Impraise. It allows team members to request and receive actionable real-time feedback right when it matters. Promoting a strong feedback culture in the company is important.

The last tool necessary to mention is Officevibe. It is an online platform, which boosts employee engagement by conducting surveys. Employees can answer questions regarding their mood, stress, happiness, and how they feel about the company culture in general. This way, they get the opportunity to freely express their concerns and suggestions. It helps to prevent issues beforehand and use their suggestions to improve things and processes. It is very important for managers to be attentive and be able to solve such problems effectively.

Training of Employees

Now more than ever, techs provide diverse opportunities for companies to train their employees. It is necessary to constantly improve skills and remain up-to-date. It is beneficial both for the company and for employees. Employees will feel appreciated and motivated when they know the company invests in them. Integration of LMS in employee training strategies is the best choice the company leadership can make. See Smart Training. It is an all-in-one LMS platform that helps companies to track learning progress and engage users with contact tools. It is a learning management system that will make your employee learning easy, fast, smart and accessible!

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